I had exciting vacation last night. I want to introduce some beautiful places in Baguio City and my fabulous vacation story. My batch mate and I had been planning our first vacation in HELP since our Korean student manager notice us. We discussed about our vacation in our free time and we found out a lot of beautiful places in Baguio City. Finally, we decided to go to San Fernando! We booked a van and the van driver took us wherever we wanted to go. We could use the van as much as we need. It was so convenient, moreover we conversed with the driver. He recommended us as much various nice restaurant in Baguio City as that placed around our destination, and beautiful places as well. So, we promised to go to the places that you recommended us and call your van again with him.

After arrived San Fernando, I felt atmosphere at the local city. We went to Jollibee for eating lunch. We were starving because we woke up at 6 a.m to get ready for taking the van. I’ve never had a chance to go to Jollibee before, I was excited eating at there. During lunch time, I saw a waitress who rounding around the place for check what customers need or some complaining. Sometimes she gave a cup of of water to customers who need drink or brought some sauce to other people. I was so interesting that service. In Korea normally service of snack bar or burger shop don’t serve to customers in person. Everything goes by self-service even ordered or calculate as well. After finishing our delicious meals, the waitress brought us some water. We ordered some burgers, fried chicken wings, and those tasty were nice, but not special. I couldn’t feel something specialty with the menu. So, I was disappointed a bit.

They learned how to surf from a teacher in the beach and enjoyed surfing. Sometimes they could stand on a surfing board, sometimes they couldn’t. That made me laugh and looked so funny. While I see that, I really wanted to join them. Until today I’m so sad because I couldn’t surf at that time. We were so exhausted after surfing. We were supposed to go to grape farm, but we couldn’t. So, we cancelled our next plan and went to resort. After arrived the resort, we felled sleep immediately and woke up in 3 p.m.. But Summer (Batch mate) and I woke up earlier than other batch mates. So, we went outside and took a walk. We took some pictures around the resort. Some local people said hello to us and introduced their neighbors. We had small talk and I felt their affectionate personality. They were nice.

We got back the resort, our batch mates had been waiting us. We headed to a market and buy some foods & beverages for dinner. While we are shopping, we looked forward to barbeque party. We craved to breaking away from our routine in HELP. So, we bought a few of alcohol also. Jade (Batch mate) told us he knows a recipe for lime flavored alcohol. It was fantastic. Grilled pork belly, grilled pawns, lime flavored alcohol, San Miguel, and etc. We really enjoyed everything for our dinner. I drank a San Miguel first at that time, it was amazing. I realized why my classmates suggested me a San Miguel. Grilled pawns were lovely as well. I’ve never seen the large size of pawns before. While we had dinner, it was raining for a moment, but it made good mood. We had a great time, we felt exciting in that moment and a new adventure, like trying new sports such as surfing. How do you feel after my review of San Fernando and San Juan? Do you want to visit there? I totally recommend the places! Enjoy your trip! and Thank you for reading 🙂

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